This is my first blog posting.  I am pretty much wanting a blog as a manual diary of sorts so that I can keep writing.  Practice makes perfect. I am also wanting a better way for my family and friends to stay in touch.  🙂

So today’s post… how many movies do you watch just because you like the setting of the movie?  I have movies that I simply loved the sets..not necessarily the movie though.  For example, I loved the hobbit hole in the Fellowship of the Ring.  The movie was okay the first time.  I, however, didn’t really need a copy of it… that was Sean and Connor!  

So here’s my top list of movies to watch, again because I loved the stories and the settings!

10.  Clue –  with me, you had to know that there would be a mystery in there somewhere!  I loved the house in this movie.  Totally made the game of clue a lot more real in my mind.   Remember there were room cards with just a hint of how the room was decorated?  This way, you get to see the whole room, not to mention some of my favorite actors getting to be silly, Madeline Kahn cracks me up in this movie.

9. You’ve Got Mail –  HELLO! It’s the bookstore, and I’d take Meg Ryan’s apartment in a heart beat. I still want to frame doilies and hang them somewhere in my home.  Wonderful movie.  I haven’t sat down and watched it in ages though.

8.  The Wedding Date –  It’s in England.  I loved every setting in this movie, from the New York apartment, to the parent’s house, to the lake house.  And the stone church… too perfect.  Exactly what I’ve always had in my mind’s eye while reading books set in England.

7.  The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.  Yes I know.. it’s England again, but it’s also California.  I loved the differences and who couldn’t adore that bathroom!?  Stone walls and everything?

love the window and the short tub...

love the window and the short tub...

6.  Under the Tuscan Sun –  I wanted to run off to Italy after seeing this movie.  Instead I bought the books and daydreamed of doing this.. even the name makes me get goosebumps.. Bramasole.

5.  The Princess Diaries – Not only is it set in San Francisco which is just a beautiful city in it’s own right, what person would not want to live in an old fire station.  Her getaway loft in her room is too fun!

4. Possession – Back to England… getting a theme here?  I love everything about England at least in the books and movies!  Anyways, the historical home where Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhardt go to find the letters… the library… the inn by the river.  Yeah.. I can watch this movie anytime for the scenery alone… and the mystery of course. 🙂 

3.  Must Love Dogs – another Diane Lane movie… I admit it.  I seem to like her movies.  Her cottage in this movie, is what I had always hoped my home would look like someday.  Budget not a concern either… not to mention the big black hairy dog of the brother!

2. This one is a tie… I will watch both of these movies over and over… Arsenic and Old Lace,  Cary Grant at his silliest, bodies in the wonderful window seat… and a crazy uncle running up and down the stairs.  Loved the house in that one.  The house in Father of the Bride, both the old and new versions… absolutely wanted the houses.  

1. Any and all of the Harry Potter movies… I absolutely loved the sets, from Hogwarts, to Diagon Alley, and the Burrow too.  Total escapism, but utterly wonderful, and gave me some great mental pictures better even than what I had imagined. 


So there’s my list… what about yours?


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