a blue day..

I’ve been blue today… not terribly blue, but enough that it’s kept me from be totally happy.  I received a letter from a member of my dad’s former church.  I got mine two days later than every one else, further proof that my postal carrier does something odd with our mail.

The letter was odd, not cruel, but the general tone was that I had somehow gossiped or listened to gossip about her, and that she was forgiving me, and would see me in heaven.  At first I laughed just because of the general absurdity of her letter.  I didn’t gossip, was never an official member of my father’s past church, and was not close enough to anyone to really gossip about anything.  I did do my best to keep her from talking to Allison and my mother at the last service my father conducted. I would have gladly given my opinion of her directly to her, however, she is not brave enough to have a verbal discussion with me. You know I am the scary sister evidently.  (The funny thing about that…I am referred to as the bunny at work!)

I read her emails that she sent my father.  

That further only confirmed my opinion of the woman.  I’d never liked her, and I tried to.  I thought maybe I was just being judgemental, but no… my gut instinct was the right one.  I don’t like her, have no respect for her, and now, am just plain irritated that I have let her bother my weekend.  

In her correspondence with my father, she accused him of a being a liar and having no integrity. This is a summary.  She further demonstrated her opinion, by coming to church, and making a production of NOT attending the service, but sat in the parlor with another equally annoying member.   

Now I am biased, because this is my father, who I love and adore.  He is one of the people in this world that I can say without a shadow of doubt, that he is a man of integrity and has never lied to me. Ever, or to anyone else for that matter.   This is a man who has cheerfully given of himself for eight years, sometimes to a point where he was exhausted both spiritually and physically. 

As far as I can tell, the only crime that my father committed, if it could be considered a crime, was the fact that he did not do what she wanted.  Now that he’s left the church, she’s still upset, because the majority of the church left as well.  Evidently the congregation is down to 15 members.  Pretty indicative of how many people were happy with my dad.  

So in an effort to cheer myself up,  I dug through recipes,  and found a recipe of my grandmother’s that she had given to my mother, El Dorado Beef & Cheese.  The smell of it cooking took me back to a kitchen on Eagle Drive, where my mother made this casserole for company, and it was a very requested meal. In fact, I think we ate so much of it one year, that my mother stopped making it.  So I made it for the family, and it was declared yummy.  So here’s the recipe,

El Dorado Beef & Cheese

1 lb ground beef

1 c. sour cream

1 T. instant onion,  (I substituted a quarter cup diced onion)

1/2 tsp garlic salt

2 8 oz. cans tomato sauce

1 can chopped black olives (knowing my family’s hearty dislike, I used round so they could pick them out!)

1 can 4 oz. diced green chiles

1 cup small curd cottage cheese

6 1/2 bag of corn tortilla chips

1/2 lb. of grated Monterey Jack Cheese  ( I subbed in the Mexican Blend from Kraft)

Brown ground beef and drain well.  While beef is browning, preheat oven to 350 degrees.  After draining beef return to pan, and add onion, olives, garlic salt, and tomato sauce.  Mix well together and simmer for about 5 -7 minutes.  I also threw in a little chile powder, and some cayenne.  While this is simmering, mix together cottage cheese, sour cream and green chiles.  Crush the tortilla chips.  In a 2 1/2 qt. greased  casserole dish, layer chips, meat mix, sour cream mix, cheese, and repeat.  Bake for 30- 35 minutes.  I served it with picante sauce, extra sour cream, and guacamole.  

Please note also for interested parties.. I did use low sodium tomato sauce, reduced fat sour cream and cottage cheese, a salt-less seasoning mix (gotta love Mrs. Dash!) in order to make this a little more heart healthy for Sean and I.  I did draw the line at using ground turkey in it…it needed real beef!  

So on those days that you are blue… find a old favorite.  🙂


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