Where did the week go?

I swear it was Tuesday, just yesterday.  I managed to lose two days with the general craziness of life!  Gotta hate that when you blink, and the week has just flown by.  It’s been cold and icky the last few days, and I of the opinion, if it’s gonna be that cold… go ahead and snow already!  <sigh>  No snow yet… there’s been a couple of days with light dustings… but no real snow.  I think my cold would clear up totally if we got snow.  Seems to work that way!

And if there’s snow on the ground, I don’t seem to feel the need to go… I am totally content to stay home and putter around.  I came home early from work today with a headache, and had every intention of being productive.  Instead I took a nap and was out for the count.  I think the headache came my neck being in a cramp again.  Sean had sweetly offered me his gift certificate for a massage, but I didn’t feel right taking it.  It was his prize… and I don’t know anyone who loves backrubs more than that man.

So I had a lovely nap, ran a couple errands with Sean and am back home smelling the shepard’s pie in the oven, and ready to just stay home…<blissful sigh of delight>  It’s really sad that I am that delighted to just be home.  Sean and I had tossed around some ideas, go bowling, go to see Bolt,… but nothing sounded appealing.  He really wants to see the Nuggets play the Lakers. <nose wrinkle>  I am not a basketball fan, I don’t mind high school and college, but professional ball just leaves me cold.  There’s something about all those egos, the bling, large paychecks…I just can’t get excited for it.  I’ve learned to like baseball, admittedly in self defense.  I love watching the Broncos play, but basketball…?

Yeah… so I think I am going to see if I can entice Katy to watch some old movies with me, stitch a little, and enjoy the fact that my daughter is still little enough to be at home with her mom, and not resent it.  I know the day is coming…that the last place she will want to be on a Friday night is at home with her mom.  I have Tivo’ed  (what did I ever do without this thing!) a couple of oldies… Adam’s Rib with Hepburn and Tracey, To Have and To Hold with Bogie and Bacall,  and the new install of Top Chef, my guilty pleasure, along with some buttery popcorn…doesn’t it sound perfect?

Here’s to staying in!


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