Counting my blessings..

It’s a Happy Thanksgiving!  In the spirit of the season,  I am so very blessed, and I am just going to make note of my top blessings.  

  My family ~  every last member of them.  I love `em.   Not everyone is as blessed with as much family, or maybe has more, but my family is what keeps me sane and believing in this world.

 My job.  Not my favorite blessing by far, but it’s a good job and I get to work with some people who have become very dear to my heart over the past twelve years.  I am feeling very lucky and blessed that my husband and I have jobs, and that they are ‘relatively secure’.  

 Health for me and my family.  My kids have allergies, but they are doing well managing them.  They are doing so good and really watching their surroundings. Sean is living better than he was with the diabetes, he has also gotten far more aware of what’s going into his system, and he’s doing better than he was each year.  

The printed word.  I love to read.  Can’t ever get enough of it, and am very blessed to live somewhere where books are readily available.  I have my own, can go to a store or borrow them from the library.  There’s so much to be found in books. 

 The creativity gene –  I don’t know that I am all that creative, but I sure do love to follow other’s patterns and make stuff!  I love seeing a project come together..

My home.  I love the town, the fact that this house is one that Sean and I picked together, and have made a home together.  It makes me smile to come home and that’s always a good thing for me. 🙂 We were very blessed by not having the house destroyed this spring, just a little shaken.  

My friends… I have had the blessing of having good friends to be silly with, share books with, and just BE with.  It’s a good thing.  🙂  

I may not be the richest person, or be one of the most fascinating celebrities around, but I am truly blessed and have more than enough to make me happy.  Not everyone can say that in this day and age.  I truly appreciate my life and all the blessings that God has given me and mine.  

Happy Thanksgiving.


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