Today I took Katy for a pedicure and manicure for her birthday.  It’s something for just us girls.. and she loves the massage chair.  Side note: She’s been squirrelly all weekend, and just jittery.  I truly believe that my kids can forecast weather… if I only knew how to figure out what they are being weirded out by… rain, snow,  low pressure system? 

So sitting in the chair, I was just kinda day-dreaming, watching Katy thoroughly enjoy her pampering.  It dawned on me, that I have two really great kids.  Are they straight a students, citizens of the months?  No.. but they are two wonderful people in their own right.  

Connor is just one of those kids who is pretty quiet. He observes more than anyone knows, and he’s a charmer.  He’s also the type of person, who is going to go help the Mom at the grocery store with three kids to get into the car, and then get the cart back to the cart corral.  That makes me happy.    He will work something to the limit, just to prove he can… like chemistry.  But if he doesn’t care or see it’s relevance… like algebra… forget it. 

Katy is pretty much Connor’s polar opposite.  Instead of an observer,  She’s an ENGAGER… total extrovert, the whole world knows how she is doing…and she wants to know how everyone is as well.  She’ll offer to help someone and try to talk someone to death at the same time.  She loves pretty stuff, but she’s equally happy playing football with the boys. She’s caught between being a girl and a pre-teen… at least according to her. 🙂 

My two kids.  The two people who alternately make me want to scream because they are bickering, and then the next minute they are so loving, and thoughtful… I hope that is what they will be for each other for their lives.  But today I realized, it’s not what my job is, what my life is, if I was a celebrity.. but I was happy and content because I have the two kids who make my life what it is, and the fact that they are two pretty cool people in their own right…  (dang it… it’s a run on sentence).    My point is… that all the hard work of being a parent is paying off.


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