Okay… now that I have your attention, Connor is in the Windsor High Marching Band. They won the state championship this year… and worked so hard for it.  Pretty cool huh? Anyways, they are the only high school band in the nation who will be marching in the inaugural parade of Barack Obama.  My kid gets to see history in the making. How incredibly cool is that?   He will get to go to Washington DC and Philadelphia.  While I am thrilled to pieces, the $1500 price tag that came with it, that has to paid in under a month kinda shocked me, but hey… my life was boring wasn’t it?  So if any of you are so inclined to help this group of kids get to their destination,  head over to the website,   They have all sorts of media links etc, the kids will be taking turns blogging, it’s just a fun thing, as well as a way for you to donate through paypal too.  🙂

Goofy Guys...

Goofy Guys...


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