Top Ten Things on my mind This Thursday…

1.  I am so ready for the time change.  Going to work with the moon and stars is not my idea of a good morning.   I need sunshine thankyouverymuch!

2.  I really love librarians and the library.  You could put me blindfolded in a library and I would know immediately where I was, just from the sounds and smell.  Last night, a librarian went the extra mile for me and I appreciated it so very much.  Probably not as much as Katy, who desperately needed the book for a paper due TODAY.  (eyeroll).  Katy thought I could just stop by Barnes and Noble for the book.  Only catch, they didn’t have a copy at either store. The Windsor Library also does not own it, but the Fort Collins Library has two copies and one was recently returned.   For those of you not familiar with Fort Collins, they have three library buildings.  I got to hang out for a half hour waiting at the library while the book was brought from one building to the other, and then the librarian helpfully dug through all the books to get me Katy’s needed book.  In case you are wondering, it was Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg.  Great book, but not a common book anymore as it was printed in 1968.

3.  My wool crazy quilt is gonna drive me crazy, because I keep hooking my thread on all the little pieces and pulling them off before I can sew them on permanently. Right now, a lot of the pieces are temporarily fused on.  😦

4.  Santa Cops may possibly be the best organized it’s ever been, and it’s still driving my type A anal personality a little nuts.  85 donation boxes are going out on next Friday to all the businesses.  Hope the donations are strong again this year.

5.  Katy is loving volleyball this year. Her only issue at the moment, we are only having practice once a week.  She’d really like two or three times a week. Crazy that she’s mine huh?

6. Sean bless his heart, is trying to eat different things for me.  He’s trying to eat healthier.  Today, he attempted California rolls for lunch with his beef teriyaki.  I got the rest. He wouldn’t even look at my sashimi.  Poor guy. The seaweed salad was also not a success.  So for dinner tonight – Bow Tie Lasagna.  mmmmm

7.  Have seven books in the current rotation, one a love story from the view point of Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress,  a Victorian mystery, a memoir about learning tango and living in Argentina (really loving this one…almost makes me want to take dance lessons), a novel about two sisters going back to Russia with their mother,  a Thanksgiving murder mystery,  a mystery with a search & rescue Bloodhound, and another romance novel by Jude Deveraux.  Not exactly literature.  🙂

8.  Sean wanted to know if I was upset about something, evidently I only read Jude Deveraux when something is wrong.  I never noticed that before.

9.  There’s a possibility of promotions at work for the first time in ever, and it’s not just one slot to compete for.  I’m trying to not get to excited until it is for sure. Thankfully the propositions 60,61 and 101 did not pass.  Made for a much better outlook for the future of my and Sean’s job.

10.  Bones and CSI are on tonight.  Something fun to watch that is NOT baseball.  Sean and Connor are both bummed that baseball is over for 2010… me not so much.  I try, really I try.



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