Top Ten Things on My Mind on Tuesday

1.  Volleyball practices have been switched from Tuesdays to To Mondays and Wednesdays. This is creating stress for me. I had planned on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am working  n my  on my inflexibility. 

2. Santa Cops is gearing up and getting busy. Lots oof work going on behind the scenes.  (sigh)  I get tired when I look at the scheduling. 

3.  At some point today, I need to go to the grocery store.  I’m really hating shopping for food lately. Not very instpired int the kitchen lately.

3. Connor is doing good, he has stopped by briefly for a couple of nights, but overall we don’t hear too much from him. I think we lucked out with the roommate situation for him. His suite partners have switched roommates this past month.  Lots of adjustments. Makes me glad that I am settled.

5. Just finished a really good series of mysteries by Kerry Greenwood. They feature a baker and her friends in Melbourne Australia.  Pretty Fun to read, and it makes me google the unfailiar terms like crimplelene.  (double knit polyester who knew?)     

6.  Older people are contributing to my stress level. I really hope that I am not a pain as some people when I get olderders.

7.  I’m struggling with yet another cold, that stated as a stuffy noes, then to pink eye, and now it’s moved into my sinuses. I’stronglyl suspecting all the little darlings that I came into contat with for Santa Cops applications passed their germs on to me.  I being the sharing person that I am, gave it to Sean.  He’s so trhilled.

8.  I picked up a magazine on Artful Blogging.  Given me some great ideas for the blog.  Kind of excited to try some and see how they go.   I’m also plugging ahead on getting product for my etsy store.   I have decided on a name, Honeybee Designs.I’m going to have a mix of paper products along embroidery patterns and some products.  I’m excited to sit down and make my lists of everything.I need to figure out if I need to get a business tax number etc.

9.  I hate wind. Especially when it feels like it was coming sraight down from Cheyenne.   Dries out my contacts and  screws up my hair to boot.

10.  When I am sick, and just not feeling on top of the world, I want soup.  My family does not  as a rule view soup as a filling meal.  What I’m craving is tortellini chicken soup.  Basically torotellin boiled in chicken broth with just a few veggies.  I should make up the menu for this week.


3 responses to “Top Ten Things on My Mind on Tuesday

  1. 1. You got it good. My team has practice six days a week. Every other Sunday we have a tournament Lucky you =)

    • It’s actually my daughter’s team. Thankfully I am not the one running around. They will go to three practices in December, but they go for 2 hrs with the team, 1 hour for SAQ’s and she’ll have another hour with the setting coach. Our tourney’s won’t start until January. And then.. it’s every other week or so until May. How long do your practices go? And what sport?

  2. My family feels the same way about soup, unless it’s uber-thick (like…they’ll eat chili, and potato soup, and…that is it). My husband always says that real men don’t eat soup, and apparently real children don’t, either. Sigh. I’d really like a nice chicken tortilla or minestrone every once in awhile, but then everyone acts like they’re being tortured to death. By soup.

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