What makes me.. me.

My deepest apologies for all the HORRIBLE typos in yesterday’s post. I was using a different computer, a Santa Cops laptop during a slow period during apps, and I could not see the entire screen.  I thought I edited out all my typos – but alas… I don’t think I correctly posted the edited version.  <winces>   So it will be a much, much better blogging/reading experience today.  I promise!

I am a big fan of Amy Sorensen’s blog, the English Geek, http://amysorensen.typepad.com/the_english_geek/.   Those who know me well… 🙂

I’m a fellow English Geek who is insanely jealous of her job as a librarian.  My dream job! She has been doing a series of posts about gratefulness, and things that she is thankful for in her life.   So I actually commented on another person’s blog.  I read some blogs faithfully, her’s being one of them.  But I lurk. I’m just as shy in cyberworld as reality.  Anyways, I asked permission to borrow her theme of the day.

So what makes me – Me?

1.  My love of reading stands out first and foremost in my mind.  I’ve always got a book with me in the car, both audio and print versions.  I currently have a stack of books next on the bedside table as well as on the bedside table.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t find joy in the written word.  There are library books on the bookcase downstairs, books all over the craft room, books in the kids rooms, books that I have moved with me from house to house, from dorm to apartment to finally my houses.  Melissa without a book is far more unusual than Melissa with a book.

2. I love creativity… and the different aspects of it all.  I love sitting down with photos, paper, and a story.  It will relax me like no other thing.  I love the stitching of embroidery and the patterns that will appear by manipulating the thread.  I  love stitching and sewing, and the putting together of patterns and textures.  The act of writing, playing and manipulating words to create pictures, that’s why I’m loving blogging. Capturing beauty with a camera lens, I am working on it.   I want to play with multi-media, paint and fabric, embroidering and paper.. doesn’t that just sound fun?   I work best with music playing and piles everywhere.. if it’s too neat, I have a hard time creating. Silly I know.

3.  I can remember client’s names from work, and who they are related to, how many kids, and other assorted details. But I can’t remember to always buy toilet paper on my way home from work though.  Sean and the kids love me even when I forget the toilet paper for the umpteenth time.

4.  I love to travel and would love to visit many places.  Budgetary restrictions aside, I would go everywhere I could.  I am in awe of nature, and the very differences of each country.  I think that’s why I love the Amazing Race.  Not for the competition, but for the seeing of other countries with new eyes.  I loved visiting San Francisco so much.  I think it surprised my family that I could like a place that was so large.  But I also love the small towns, like the one where I live.

5.  My stubborn nature.  I don’t come across as a stubborn person. I really don’t.  And I work diligently to keep an open mind, but there are times and situations where I make up my mind and that’s it.  I don’t argue, debate, but nor do I change my mind.  I simply continue to do what I know is right for me.

6.  My favorite brand of shoes… Keens.  They fit my feet like no other shoes ever have.  And they are exceptionally cute.

7. My love and loyalty for family and friends.  I am so blessed by my family and friends.  They love me despite my quirks, my complaints and my bad jokes. I know that they are there for me, the way that I am there for them.

8.  Volunteering, whether it be with the schools, the seniors or Santa Cops.. (guess I like s’s huh?)  It’s always been something I have considered to be very important.  Always.   I posted a quote by Winston Churchill the other day, and that is my philosophy.  You will make a life by what you give.  And God loves a cheerful giver.  There are days like Tuesday when I wasn’t feeling overly cheerful about giving up a day off.  But by the beginning of the day, I was glad that I came.

So there you have it.. Me in a nutshell.  A stubborn, creative, family loving, Keen-wearing  volunteer and bookworm who likes to travel.


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