It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Not at my house unfortunately…  this lovely photo is from LAST Year.  I would really like to find a different sport for the tree, but with the piano and couch, it’s just not happening.  Unless I rearrange the living room.  Hmmm…  possibilities…

Today my goal is to get the house prettied up for the holiday.  I normally just love this, but have had a hard time getting the energy to decorate this year.  I think it’s been hard with the illness, birthday, and the fact that my decorating partner, Mr. Connor is not here to do it with. 😉

He has said that he would stop by today and help set up the tree. So I’m gonna make one of his favorite dinners, just for him.  Creamy Chicken Casserole anyone?  The family loves this recipe and no one more than Connor B.

So I’m off to decorate…  and finish a banner, and maybe make some bread, and oh yeah,  the laundry.  It’s pretty easy to get myself off track!  Maybe I have over extended myself just a wee bit?

Okay.. time to breathe, and now I better get moving if I want to get everything done! 🙂


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