Tradition #3 – Santa Cops…

So I’ve really been working like crazy on my personal charity.  It’s the one that I work my tail off for, because I believe in it.  I am a big believer in giving back to others.  I was raised this way.  I want to make sure that my kids know how and why I give of myself and my time.

Funds are pretty limited in our household.  When you haven’t received a pay raise in … I think about nine years, it’s noticeable.  We can’t always give financially to things that we’d like to. So I give of my time.  Please don’t think I’m complaining.  I’m very grateful that I have a job.  My husband, bless his heart, has two jobs.  With all of our hard work, we have funds to get things done.  We don’t have that beach house that I always dreamed of on Orcas Island (dang it), nor do we have a housekeeper. (unless you count me!)  But we are blessed.  Very blessed.

There are many people who are not blessed.  For whatever the reason, life is not going well for them, and this trickles down to their kids.   Christmas as I have been mentioning, is a very important holiday to me, personally.  I feel so loved by God at this time of year.  I just do.  And to me, it’s important for kids to know that they matter.  So  I help all year to fundraise for Santa Cops, and then in December, we collect applications, wrap toys, deliver them to the families, and share with the community what we do.

I was in awe last night watching people ‘shopping’ for families among the donations.  People were searching for just the ‘perfect’ gift for a child that they may never meet in person.  But they cared enough to give up a night and precious time of their own, to give to children in their community.  People brought toys, money and most of all,  giving hearts.  It humbles me. It puts this crazy commercialized season into perspective.  Because  it is the season of giving.  Because at the end of it all,  Christmas is about the ultimate gift.


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