Christmas Tradition #4 – The ultimate treasure hunt

My in-laws have a tradition with the grandkids since Connor was four years old. For their ‘big’ gift to the kids,  they must embark on a treasure hunt, following clues, to track down their gift that year.  As the children have grown, the treasure hunts have become elaborate and difficult.  However, it is for them, one of their most treasured memories of Christmas Day with Grandpa John and Grandma ‘Keen.

The children can actually buy hints in order to solve riddles, to take them to the next step.  Any place is fair game to hide a clue.  Bookcases, people, even once in the washing machine, have clues been hidden. To my children,  they only have seen the game.

putting all the clues into a puzzle so that they could see where they were going

For me though, it’s a continuation of a tradition.  Their great grandparents, Chuck and E’renae,  did it with their children, Ted and Coreen.  In turn,  Ted and Coreen have followed suit.  It’s a legacy steeped in love.  I watch the grandparents watch the children, and I know that they are remembering the days it was them.

I think my all time favorite treasure hunt was the year that they bought Connor a set of golf clubs.  He hunted all through the house, the yard and finally located the gift in the coat closet.  The golf clubs were wrapped up in the guise of a blonde girl!  Poor Connor had no idea what the gift was, much less how to unwrap it! 🙂

What I see when I watch my children tearing around the house though, is  family ties forged in love.  I hope my children realize how very blessed that they are in life.  Not only to have family, but a family that cherishes them, who plays with them, who care for them as individuals and take the time to be creative for them.


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