Top 10 things on my mind this Tuesday

1.  I need a haircut.  I thought I had the patience to grow it out again… think again.

2. My craft/computer room is currently such a disaster I don’t even want to be in here.

3.  My to-do list today is long…

4. Cleaning the bathroom should be at the top of that list.  I really hate cleaning the bathroom.

5. Need to make time to go to the library somewhere during the to-do list.  Books are due…

6. Trying a new recipe for dinner Sausage & Lentil soup.  Hoping it’s done for when we get home from the band concert tonight.

7.  Got a new cookbook and novel for my Kindle last night using my birthday gift from my sister.  🙂  Love them.  Down side to reading cookbooks though, you get hungry!

8. Driving my ladies to the grocery store.  Have to pick up the odds and ends that I forgot, when at the store on SUNDAY!  <growl, snarl>

9.  Christmas Cards are DONE.  Now just to get them in the mail!!  Adding to the to do list.

10.  I think I need another day in my weekend!


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