Another happy birthday

by the Poudre. Picture by Suzanne Lopez

So today is my birthday.  41st birthday to be exact. <ouch>.  Not sure how that snuck up on me, but it did.  My sweet hubby and I share the same birthday. We do.  He’s a year younger than me.  So today,  I am posting about him.

Somehow, we went all through high school without ever meeting each other. Ever. We remember being at the same parties, I even moved his little Fiat once so that someone else could get their car out.  (Parking was such a difficult thing at FCHS, no parking lot!)  We met during the spring of his freshman year and my sophomore year of college.  Suzanne Davis introduced us,  thinking it was pretty funny that we had never met before.   I looked at him, and that was it.  Sounds like a movie huh?   But really… that was it for me.

He still makes me smile goofily. He makes me laugh, and he knows me better than just about everyone.  He has made me cry hard,  and love harder than I ever thought possible.  He still holds my hand when we walk together, and there are times that I drive him absolutely crazy with all my books, scrapbooking and quilting supplies, I never doubt that he loves me.

He works two jobs,  one that he does and one that he loves.  And someday, he’ll be able to just do one.  I know it.  He is happiest when he is busy, and he goes 150% all of the time and gets confused why the rest of the world doesn’t?  He indulges my love of chick flicks, and only rolls his eyes occasionally.  He loves sports in all forms, whether it’s playing golf or volleyball, watching endless games of football and basketball, officiating baseball and playing fantasy football.  (To think I never even knew ESPN existed until I met him.)  Together we are raising two kids, and so far, we’re doing okay.  He still sneaks up on me and scares the living daylights outta me,  and then just stands there and grins.   He is the most stubborn infuriating, loving man that I know.  And I am always proud to say that I’m his wife.  Happy Birthday sweetheart… here’s to 40 more years!


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