The Day I became a big sister…

I am privileged enough to have two wonderful younger sisters.  (They always remind me that I’m the older one..) Today is my middle sister, Megan’s birthday.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  For my fourth birthday,  I became a big sister. (the photo is of her husband and her – Christmas 2007)

I didn’t quite understand the concept of getting a sister, somehow in my four year old brain, I figured that Mom and Dad would bring home another four year old girl.  They told me that she’d be too little to play with, but I wasn’t buying that.  And then she came home.  She was little, and reddish blond curls all over the top of her head.  She made funny little noises which even caused the dog to look at her with alarm.   But she was my baby sister.  I was so excited.  She developed a mind of her own at a very young age.

And then we grew up.  With four years apart, we really didn’t play too much together.  I would be forced to play with her, but then Allison came along, and being only 18 months younger than her,  they joined forces usually against me. 🙂  They drove me crazy.  As an adult, looking back, it was more a plea for attention from their big sister, who far preferred quiet and books to entertaining and playing with the  ‘little’ girls.  We had fun, but I didn’t realize how much I would look back at the bike riding, barbie playing, dancing and living our lives, and feel so loved.

Today my baby sister is 37 years old.  I have watched her grow up.  But I am still continually amazed by the person that she is.  She is one of the most resilient people I know.  She has a strong sense of purpose, and she always goes 100%  into something.  It doesn’t matter what it is, if she commits her time and energies, it’s always full out, never halfway. She is a mother, a wife, a sister, a coach for Odyssey of the Mind, a teacher, and continues to wear many more hats. She touches many lives, but very rarely, does she know how much.

Happy Birthday Meggie Sue… I love you.



One response to “The Day I became a big sister…

  1. This was very kind and touched my heart. I love you very much, too and am so proud of you. You touch many lives as well including mine and are a very thoughtful person. I hope that today you have a wonderful birthday (Sean, too!) and know how much you are loved. Happy birthday to you!! Loved spending Friday night together! XXOO

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