An Early Christmas Gift

Yesterday my husband and I were in a car accident.  The other person’s bumper was just ‘kissed’ and our car totalled.  It really must have been something to see, as the car literally flipped over.   But we walked away with  Sean sporting two nicks on his shin, and one on his hand from the glass breaking.  Me,  I have some pretty spectacular bruises over my chest, and one on my elbow.  The very nice EMT tech, pointed out that I did have pretty good padding in that area or I could have broken something.   Since he was trying to make me smile, I let him live.

What the accident brought home to me though, as we were rolling around, (and it seemed like the longest time ever!) that the only thing that I was freaking out about was if Sean was okay.  That’s it.  I know losing the car is going to be a royal pain to figure out how to replace, dealing with one car between us is going to be interesting. The money issue, blech, I really don’t even want to go there.   But I really don’t care about that.  I was frantically trying to see around the air bags and make sure that he was okay.

The EMT’s, the police officers, the bystanders, the very nice lady whose car we ‘kissed’, everyone was so very kind and stunned by our obvious lack of injuries.   I evidently had a minor breakdown on some lady’s front lawn.  Adrenaline gets me every time.

But all I really had eyes for was that Sean was okay.  It made me realize that my life without him, would be a very empty one. I really didn’t like seeing my life without him in it.    So today, as we have cleaned out the car, and see the destruction through clear eyes, no longer in shock,  I am so very grateful that my husband came home last night with me.

So today, I am thanking God for protecting me and my husband from injuries. I’m thanking God that we will be all together with our families this weekend. I am thankful that I am able to hug my children, kiss them goodnight and watch them open their Christmas gifts.  But for me,  Christmas came early.  I am so blessed with my husband.  God has given me my gift and reminded me very adamantly to cherish what we have..and sometimes, it’s easy to forget about that.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and gets to spend it with those who you love.  I probably won’t be blogging or even on the computer for much of the rest of the week.  So Merry Christmas to all… and a Happy New Year.  May you all be as blessed as I am.


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