A New Year… and a new perspective

So .. it’s a new year and a new decade.   (yipes.. that’s making me feel older by the minute!)

With this time of year everyone always makes resolutions…and sometimes actually keeps them.  😉

I’m no different.  I usually start out with a list of things that I’m going to do… and then don’t, because life somehow gets in the way.   So instead of resolutions or goals.. . I’m just going to make changes in things..from my perspective to my eating habits.  Changes I said… not goal or resolutions.  We’ll see if a new word sparks my new habits.

1.  I want to keep the house neater.  I feel so much better when the house is clean.  It is usually indicative of my feeling stressed and cranky, if I am not keeping the house cleaned.   And I’m a clutterbug, so changing of the holding on to the large amounts of paper & dreck.

2.  Eat less and Move more.  This area… I have to make changes. For my sake.  No one else’s.  The whole family though, is going to have to eat with Mom.  Have a checklist of things that I’m getting done.  Feeling more like this is something I can do, not just have to…

3. Listen more.  Really, actively listen to what a person is saying… and sometimes,  you are going to hear between the lines.  I think that I tend to jump ahead of what a person is saying..and miss what they have said and left unsaid.

4.  Take time to plan things better.  This past year, there were many things that I skipped doing because of lack of time, lack of effort to be organized on my part, and then felt let down, because I didn’t do them.

5. Take time to be quiet.  I need to be still before God.  He is in control of everything, and I need to sit back and be quiet.  He is going to carry me through, as long as I’m not leaping and lunging all over the place.

See only 5 new habits that I need to instill in myself.   If it was only as easy as a new software update for the computer…sigh… I’ll let ya know how it’s going…



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