Top ten things on my mind on Tuesday…

1.  Just when I am ready to throw in the towel,  my daughter begins acting like a human being again…and one that’s enjoyable to being around.  She got criticized at the volleyball, and didn’t cry or berate herself.  Yay…

2. My house is slowly returning to normal after the Christmas chaos.  I’m still needing to rehang some pictures and persuade Connor to carry down the chair from my room to the living room.  Terrible thing though,  I really like the chair in my room.  I may get the rocking chair out of the crawl space and put it in the living room.

3. I really need like two extra days of home time this week.  I need TuesWEdsay…that’s extra long to get all the extra stuff done.

4.  Yesterday I had my first acupuncture appointment.  I have had bad ankles all my life.  Sprains all the time.  I tend to roll my ankles a lot.  A couple of years ago, a wrong step wound me up in a walking boot for a month, therapy and in general, just a pain.  I now have plantar’s fasciatis ( i know, i know that isn’t the right spelling..) but also have pains where I have stretched and possibly created little tears in the tendon that goes under your ankle.  So after researching acupuncture, and finding out that our insurance does cover it,  I went to my first appointment.  It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as say a dental appointment.  🙂  After the session was over, when I sat up, I was a little dizzy.  Evidently your blood pressure can drop.  It was one of the most relaxing medical things I have ever done. Two more visits and he thinks my foot and ankle pain will be much much, better.   Side note:  It was the same co-pay as the doctor’s office, and he spent over an hour with me.  Much more beneficial than the whizzing 10-15 minute visit.  🙂

5.  Baby.. it’s cold outside.  I can’t remember it being this cold off and  consistently ever.    Katy informs me that we live in a ‘steppe’ environment. “Like in Russia Mom…”   That explains it.

6.  Spent a blissful Sunday ,aside from the pounding sinus headache, with Sean and the kids. (Note I said kids) Connor also needed some family time.  Rough week for him.  We went to Coopersmiths for lunch and Jax to spend our Christmas gift certificates. Just fun to be with the kids without any rushing around.  I got a creme brulee kit, french sea salt and chokecherry pancake syrup.  Nothing that I really  needed, but the that’s the joy of Christmas… a gift.  Katy got a pair of navy blue converse sneakers , Daddy after wandering around Jax, gifted her with his gift certificate, because he couldn’t find anything he really wanted or needed.  Connor has a brand new knife.

7. My sinuses have recovered nicely once the cold front moved in.  Now I am not sure that I want it to warm up.  Not ready for pain that’s for sure.

8. Been on an absolute orgy of reading lately.  Loving all the new books that have come out for the holiday season.

9.   Have two more quilt blocks on the crazy quilt, and then it’s just finishing touches.  We’ll see if I get really ambitious today and get everything down like I want to.

10.  Privately… I’m really glad that college football is now OVER.   There were so many dang bowl games… *sniff*  What was wrong with one to two days of bowls?


One response to “Top ten things on my mind on Tuesday…

  1. Accupuncture sounds like it really worked well for you–that’s great! Still want you to try probiotics also. Glad to hear that it helped. I’m back to quilting also, yay! You know I don’t like idle hands, ha ha. Happy to say I didn’t watch any bowl games and did just fine :), such a difference between our families. hee hee

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