My pet peeves in no particular order

1.  I hate my memory.  Today while trying to leave to meet up with my mom and sisters, I forgot the gift certificate that I needed.  Got half way to Fort Collins to realize I had left it sitting beside the computer.. snarl. Had to turn around, drive home and back out again.. Then I remember other things that I really don’t need to remember like old clients, their names & issues, their families… but I can’t remember a gift certificate?!

2.  Things that break again after you paid for them to be ‘fixed’.  Sean’s laptop died today again, just a little under a year from last time.  I think we got a lemon of a laptop.  😦  With baseball season starting soon,  February for the college season, the man can’t live without a computer.  Guess we’re going shopping soon. (sigh)

3.  Trucks.  I drive a sedan.  It’s not a tall car, but when trucks get behind me, they have the two sets of headlights.  I get doubly blinded by them, and since they are up higher,  it hits my eyes just right and ticks me off.  Immediately.

4.  Political ads… and while the majority of them have totally come to a halt, there are still some that keep rolling all year long.  They irritate me.

5. My hair.  I wish I could find a style that my hair looks good in, doesn’t need constant trimming, and would work with my thin hair.  To date,  haven’t found it yet,  so I’m growing my hair out from a ‘short’ cut to something a little longer.  It’s driving me bat snot.

6.  I have craft ADD.  All my in progress projects…. I need to stop my procrastinating and just finish.  So that’s it.  No new projects until the other ones are done, fini!  In no particular order,  I have four quilts to put together, my house quilt, my patchwork quilt,  At least the simple patchwork one is together, the house quilt needs the top finished, the girl gang quilt, I just have random blocks.  The crazy quilt, I have the last two blocks to trace and applique. I have three, yes three count ’em, embroidery projects.  One is a snowman pillow for Christmas,  from last year,  yes 2009 actually,  a snowman quilt, I think I have three blocks done on that,  and a tablemat that is adorable, done with angels…yeah none of them are even close to being finished.  I have one pillow that only needs some more stuffing, and then it could be sewn up and finished.  Is it done… oh no.  And what do I go and do?  I buy more kits and fabric.

7.  Mean bossy snarly people.  They drive me nuts. Always have, always will.  I don’t do well with people like that.

I can’t think of any more.  I was pretty ticked off about the trucks and my memory today.  Evidently I am not one of those angry people who can rant about everything and anything.



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