52 projects a year…

It’s January.  Therefore, there are all sorts of things that everyone ‘resolves’ to do.  <ehem>  I do this.  I really do.  And every year, I look back and inwardly wince because inevitably I don’t do what I set out to do..

So this year,  I am attempting to accomplish some things.  Really actually finish some of the UFO’s hanging around my craft room.  I’m tired of seeing the unfinished projects all over.

So… to make myself accountable.  I’m posting my list,  and every month on the 25th,  I’ll check in and see where the heck I’m at with them.

1.  My simple patch quilt

2.  The wool crazy quilt.

3.  The house quilt

4.  The postcard pillow

5.  The teapot quilt.  ( this one is the least farthest along…)

6.  The Girl Gang project from <erhem> 2009.  Yes it’s taking me forever to finish this quilt.  FOOORRRREVVVVAHHH.

7. The Christmas Mystery quilt.  It’s still in all the little bags for each month.  At least the teapot quilt blocks are embroidered!

8.  The Snowman pillow for Christmas – also from 2009.

9.  Actually 2009 was my banner year for starting projects and NOT completing them at all… the embroidered angel doily.

10.  Another 2009 project – the snowman quilt.  Simple easy peasy embroidery squares, soft flannel,  what is not to like?  Evidently I got bored with it?  I was working on it throughout the majority of Katy’s volleyball tourneys last year.

That’s it.. the ten things that I want to finish in 2011.  For some of them, it’s been a two and half years in coming…  So hopefully next month, I can cross a couple of them off the list… maybe…




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