A Grogan Family news update…

I’m still sick with the cold crud from hell.  An ear infection at age 41 !@#$#$@  You’ve got to be kidding me… it’s no wonder that babies just sit and fuss when they have ear infections.  I’m ready to snap and snarl at everyone and everything! Of course, that would require speaking and that hurts my throat like nobody’s business.  I’m happiest right now wearing flannel pajama pants, fluffy spa socks, and wishing I even had the energy to sew.  So I’ve been sorting pictures from San Francisco. See the Lion above?  He was outside the art museum of the Legion of Honor.  Wishing I could be there and not here..  But before this post becomes a full out whine…

Sean is starting to get the baseball ‘busyness’ going.  Translation:  I won’t see much of my husband starting in February as that is when college baseball starts, and high school baseball starts in March.  Sigh.. at least we had December & January.  He did switch to a new server for the website and it is much much faster.  He also received some rude news from the IRS,  it is $2.00 per 1099 form that we have to file for the umpires and our taxes.  I’m thinking that’s around some 250 umpires..<winces>  Seems to me, if the government was truly interested in helping small businesses, things like this shouldn’t be an issue.  Really.  And they wonder why this country was in a recession?!  So far he has managed to escape the cold crud.

Connor went back to CSU.  He occasionally posts on Facebook so I know that’s he is alive.  He called for additional funds… that’s it on the boy.  🙂  Kidding,  he seems to like his classes, CSU men’s basketball has started winning some games, (much easier to tape winning games as opposed to losing ones..) He has a class with a girl that he was in 1st and 2nd grade with. Too funny.

Katy… We seem to be having less “I’m 13 years old and obnoxious as heck” moments.  <fingers crossed> .  She will be competing in the Windsor-Severance spelling bee on February 1st.  She is excited.   She had her first volleyball tournament this past Sunday.  We weren’t sure if she was going to get much playing time.  She is on a team with some very talented girls.  However when stats were discussed on Wednesday night, it was shown that she served 39 times, had 9 aces and only missed 4 serves the entire tournament.  He doesn’t keep track of her sets… but overall Katy was pretty dang proud of herself.  She also had the cold crud, but seems to have rebounded faster than her mother.  Dang it.

So that’s life in the Grogan household.  Right now trying to figure out if I have the energy to make dinner… it was pretty awful last night.   :p   It’s hard to cook when you can’t smell or taste anything.  And leftovers are just not so appealing right now.



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