My favorite movies… & why…

So  before I give you my list,  I’m going to start with a disclaimer.  These movies are my all time favorites. They are ‘thelet’s put in a movie when I’m sick, blue and in general, just plain uninspired with life’, movies.   The majority of them never won any Academy awards.  They really are chick flicks. Sean will only occassionally watch these movies with me…under duress. These are the movies that I simply love.

As I have been sick, I’ve been pretty much trapped at home. There’s not a whole heck of a lot on television right now.  Quite frankly,  the mid-winter tv leaves a lot to be desired.  So  luckily, we own enough dvds and still own <gasp>  videocassettes to keep anyone occupied.

Starting with #10.

10.  Last Holiday with Queen Latifa and L.L. Cool J.  She is misdiagnosed with a dread disease, and given like two months to live.  She promptly cashes in her 401K and goes to live the ‘good’ life in Switzerland at an exclusive resort.  Love the scenery of Switzerland, and I love Queen Latifa.   She does a great job convincing me that life is to be lived… not spent in drudgery at a dead end job.  Probably not the best movie to watch when you are not happy at work.

9.  Clue.   I love the game, the creepy old house, the wide variety of characters, just like a murder mystery that you can curl up on the couch with.  Tim Curry will never fail to make me smile with all of his antics.   Madeline Kahn  is absolutely a riot with her facial expressions and the *sniff* that only she can do.

8. Must Love Dogs.  I grew up in the 80’s.   Diane Lane was the it girl of the  1980’s movies.  She wasn’t blonde and stupid,and  she always got the guy.  So when she and John Cusack came out with this movie,  I loved it.  Actually,  more to the point, I fell in love with her cottage in the movie.  Don’t you just want to move in and take over that kitchen?  That’s what I want to live in.  But I also really liked the dog and John Cusack too.

7.  Four Weddings & A Funeral with Hugh Grant & Andie McDowell.  I loved this movie.  The clothes, the hats,  and England.  <sigh>   Too perfect,  and  I still would love to look like Andie McDowell.  This movie is not one that I could watch with my kids anytime soon, but it’s a guilty pleasure that never fails to make me laugh. Best watched with chocolate.

6. The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.   Too perfect,  I mean, haven’t you ever daydreamed of a different life?  These two do, and they switch for the holidays.   My favorite scene is when Cameron Diaz gets into the British bathroom and discovers the mini-tub.  Personally, given the choice,  I’d choose to go to England over Los Angeles every time.

5.  Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet.  I’m an English major.  I’ve loved Jane Austen since 9th grade.  Seeing the characters brought to life, and all that gorgeous English scenery…  that and some buttered popcorn.  Yup… it can cure all that is wrong in my world, at least for the 1 1/2 time period.

4. The Wedding Date with Debra Messing & Dermot Mulrooney.   Sigh… it’s a love story, set in England, and I love it.  From the story to the setting it’s just a wonderful story.  I could easily live in her parents cottage, the lake house, the village where the wedding is,  you get the idea.Guy gets girl… and makes her smile.

3.  NottingHill with Julie Roberts and Hugh Grant.  Again, with England.  I can’t help it. Someday, I’ll get to go there.  But until then,  I’ve got Hollywood.  Love the bookstore, (which only sells travel books) and  Rhys Meyers as the flat mate from hell.

2.  Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.  If I can’t live in England, I’ll take a Greek island.  And run the hotel.  Blame on my junior high fascination with Mary Stewart’s gothic novels set in Greece.  You can’t be in a bad mood after watching this movie.  You just can’t.  Too much fun. And you’ll be singing to ABBA for days afterward.

1. Anything with Cary Grant,  but my all time favorite, Arsenic and Old Lace.  It’s a perfect set up, wedding date set, great aunts thrilled, crazy uncle who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt… and oh yeah,  the dead body in the window seat.  The black and white film is great for setting the scene of the creepy old house, next to the cemetary…. and the two great aunts ‘helping’ the single old men  to death.



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