Note to Self… Katy needs cooking lessons.

It’s bitterly cold in Colorado this week.  So cold, that they have  cancelled school for the past two days.

So today, I had to work.  The county doesn’t close for any old cold front.  Nope not the county!  Katy was on her own today.  In some ways, it’s so nice to be able to leave her by herself, not have to wake her at the crack of dawn, etc..

However,  I forgot to include the disclaimer note on the counter.  The one that details out her meal choices, and her chores for the day.  Chores are done.  Katy however, left on her own for meals decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  We only had a very little bit of grated cheese not slices of cheese.  And judging from the smell of extreme burn,  she tried the highest heat possible.  She claims that she only left it for like, 5 minutes MOM.

It’s too cold to open the house up and get fresh air.  And the entire house smells like burnt cheese.  Yum.   Well,  that should help with my diet goals,  because there’s nothing that sounds appetizing after that burning smell gets in your nose.  I’m thankful for small favors,  she didn’t burn herself or anything that could not be easily replaced.

However… the next day we have time,  Cooking lessons.


One response to “Note to Self… Katy needs cooking lessons.

  1. Ick…hate the smell of burned anything. I have to say burned popcorn smell is the worst though. Even in winter, with that smell, I have to turn on the whole house fan, spray a little Febreze and shove the burned stuff out the door. Ick. Sorry.

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