Notes for myself:

1.  I woke up at 3:47 am this am.  Am promptly started worrying about all sorts of odd things.  Went back to sleep around 5 am, to wake up with the alarm only half an hour later. (sigh)  And I am wondering why I’m tired.

2.  Never ever get my eyes examined while having a sinus infection.  My new prescription is too dang strong now.  Like looking through the bottom of a coke bottle.  Hmmph.  Now I have to call the eye doctor on Monday.

3.  Forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner.   Trying to think of a diet healthy restaurant for Katy and I for dinner.  <head smack!>

4.  Wishing I had stopped for gyros for dinner, I had to run by the library anyway.

5.  My hubby liked his valentines day gift.  Yes… he got surprised a couple days early.  Long story…

6.  I am currently finally feeling a little more like myself after receiving a cortisone shot in my elbow yesterday.  Owwwwwwww.  I don’t think it was truly necessary to wiggle the needle around. I really don’t.   I am also wearing a pressure band  around my lower left arm to hold the tendon in place.  Tennis elbow doesn’t sound that painful… but it really is.  And I’m a big baby. I really am.

7.  Customer service is rapidly becoming one of my top pet peeves….or rather when you don’t receive good customer service rather.   I was so annoyed at the doctor’s office yesterday, despite liking the doctor, I won’t be back.  I work with inmates, excuse me, offenders,  and I treat them with respect and humor.  I was treated so horribly by the doctor’s staff yesterday.  I left the doctor’s office so angry that I had been treated like an annoyance, and I paid them!?  I’m annoyed enough that I think I am going to write a letter, which I am sure that they will promptly file in the trash can, but even writing this letter, my blood pressure is raising.  So if you live in the Loveland and Fort Collins area, I would not recommend Orthopedic Center of the Rockies for anything.  I don’t care how great of a reputation that the doctors have, it’s not worth the treatment from the nurses, receptionists and the check out staff. Seriously on a scale of one to ten… it was not even a one.

8.  Sean and his skin ailments are responding to the acupuncture treatments.  I’m so relieved, afraid I had talked him into something that wouldn’t work, and it’s working miracles.  His skin is gradually getting better than it ever has been since we’ve been together.  And it’s not raising his blood sugar like prednisone.  Woop!!

9.  On the down side, it won’t fix my tennis elbow.  And they told me that honestly. Dang it.

10.  I have a stack of books, and a need for dinner, and I want to sit and stitch….  three blissful days off…


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