To my husband

It’s Valentine’s Day.  And I know how much you dislike this particular holiday.

You don’t get into the sappy commercials, the flowers, the candy etc.  You do, however, always manage to surprise me somehow.  You have given me a cell phone, tennis shoes, an ipod, jewelry and braved a scrapbook store for me all in the name of love.  Your gifts are always original and always  meet a need of mine.

When we were first together,  tennis shoes on Valentine’s Day, just about sent me over the edge.  To me, it was the most unromantic thing in the entire world. To you, it was you taking care of me.  I needed a good pair of shoes.   Now, I look back and see the young man who was totally baffled by the hurt feelings, all because he was trying to take care of her.

I watch you with our children, and a lump will come to my throat.  You will work with them over and over to get a concept down.  You never try to be perfect, but our children have never, ever, doubted that they are very important in your life.  They have known a precious gift, that their father loves them.  I see the loss in your eyes when you realize that you haven’t had more than a couple of hours with your children.  I know the loss that you felt when Connor left for college.   I also see the joy & pride  in your eyes when they excel at something.

I need your balance in my life.  I need you to remind me of the things that are real in our lives.  I love that you love me through my grumpiness, my cluttery habits, my need to have at least six books by the bedside table and you still look at me with a smile in your eyes.    I love that we can sit comfortably together on the couch, me with a project and you with a remote, and it’s just as fun as a date on the town.

It’s been 20 Valentine’s Days since we first met.   Each year, I am struck by how very much I’m blessed to call you mine.  I love you, Sean.


One response to “To my husband

  1. Awww. Tears in my eyes!

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