Tournament Food Ideas

My kids have food allergies. And 99% of the time, I don’t register it anymore. I have become a skilled label reader, and we don’t have a lot of junk food in the house, as most of it contains  Soy in some form or another.   My children are the kids that people would stress about having  them over to dinner.  They are allergic to soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish and salmon. Connor just to throw a curveball into things, also is allergic to strawberries and canteloupe.  My husband is allergic to nuts.  Me – I can and will eat everything.

The other 1% of the time that I am hyper vigilant was at sporting events and other kid activities.  Feeding kids at sports & other events is a pain in the neck.  Especially if it’s all day thing, with no real idea of the facilities available.  Baseball in Colorado can either be warm, hot, windy or absolutely freezing depending on the day.  We have done bagelwiches, lots of fruit, sandwich bars,  grilled burgers and dogs, loads of fun for the moms who usually end up schlepping it across the parking lot to the fields.   The band competitions did a lot of potlucks, and then we also started catering things in, Chick-A- Fil & Chipotle.

Club volleyball tournaments require a little more planning.  We usually end up providing breakfast & lunch for the girls and their families.  There is rarely time to go eat anywhere else.  Some facilities have concessions, but it’s always the standard fare of hot dogs, nachos with day glo orange cheese sauce, etc.  So every tournament week, it’s a creative headache to come up with food that will provide energy and work for everyone else.  General rule,  no crockpots allowed, too many ways to spill grease on amount of space and outlets.

To top it off,  I don’t think other people should provide for my kids allergies.  So  I have come up with a ‘supply’ list of foods that I try to have for the tournaments that I bring specifically for Katy in case the food has any allergens.

Adventure Meals:   this does require a big thermos.   Make chili the day before.  Cook Hot dogs the day before.    Warm chile up and fill thermos about three quarters of the way full.  Push hot dogs (100% beef hot dogs for us) into the chile, tying one end lightly with butcher’s twine or dental floss. Lid on and lunch stays warm.  Bring a bag of hot dog buns and some grated cheese, and there you have it.  Instant adventure meal…chile dogs.  Some sort of fruit and you are good to go. This is great for those chilly fall days, but also works for winter!

Big Sandwich:   Another one of the challenges at tournaments is the lack of space in which each team has for their food and supplies.  Making sandwiches was never that easy, much less on your lap with a cutting board.  In the bakery, they have the sourdough round loaves of shepards bread.   Cut a lid, hollow out a bowl and layer in your sandwich fixin’s.   I usually mix a small tupperware container of mayonnaise, (or Miracle Whip) with a vinaigrette for a bit of zing.  Don’t dress the sandwich.  Wrap tightly in foil and bag to keep every thing crisp in the cooler. No one likes soggy bread.  At mealtime, cut sandwich like a pie, and let everyone dress their own sandwich.  Note:  I also don’t put tomatoes on sandwiches like this.  Too soggy.

Meatball Subs –  Same concept as the chile dogs, but not as much sauce. Marinara or  barbecue sauce, whichever you are hungry for at the time. I usually use turkey meatballs as well,  definitely not as heavy.  Presliced hard rolls, some sliced provolone and you are ready to go.  Meatballs can be the frozen version, if you make your own, you can dictate the size better.

Salad Kabobs – what kid doesn’t like food on a stick?   I usually do chicken caesar salad kabobs.  A bit more prep work, but it’s much quicker, and goes faster than tossing salad.  Bamboo skewers, romaine lettuce into squares,  grilled chicken breast, and parmesan cubes.  String on the skewer. Give little cups of caesar salad dressing.   I have also done this for a wedding shower with Thai beef salad with a basil peanut dressing…mmm.  I did make the dressing at some one else’s home!  I have also done this with fruit and provided a creamy yogurt dressing.  Worked great for Connor because I could keep his kabobs separate.  No cross contamination = no hives. 🙂

Breakfasts –  everything can be a sandwich.  Whether it’s a bagel or a muffin, slap a scrambled egg patty with meat and cheese.  Wrap in foil after warming, you are good to go.  Breakfast burritos are yummy too.  Easy to warm up, wrap them in foil to keep warm.  Sausage balls,  little balls of biscuit dough, mixed with sausage & cheese,  another easy thing to warm up in the am, and bring warm to the event site.

Those are some of my go to meals.  Easy to eat, easy to transport.. .makes me a happy girl.  I’d love to know everyone else’s ideas or recipes.








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