I’m cranky.. I’m whiney… can I get a do over day?

It’s been a day.. and it seems like for the past two weeks that I just can’t seem to get caught up on things.


My last load of laundry for the week is FINALLY in the dryer.  My bathrooms didn’t get cleaned the way that I wanted to.  (It was a lick and a promise type cleaning.)  There are pictures that still haven’t made it into their frames, a kitchen floor that needs a mopping terribly.

I didn’t feel like I got anything done on Monday. At All.  Tuesday was not much better.  I spent the first part of the morning trying to be calm..before the oral board.  After the oral board,  I raced back home, picked up Connor’s saxophone that was finally located at the high school, lost the book that I was reading  and picked up the title information for the new car and went to the dmv at Weld County.

If ever there’s a reason to move back to Larimer county,  it’s the Weld County Department of Motor Vehicles.  It’s a small smelly space that never has enough room for everyone. Ever.  When I arrived there at roughly 12:45ish,  they were helping #32.  My number from the handy-dandy little machine,  number #83.  This not being the first time that I have been in,   I brought a book.  I stood in line, behind the fussy kid with the green snot running out of his nose, trying to stay out of germ’s reach.  I leaped out of the way when said snotty kid puked.   No one even offered to get a mop.  Great customer service.  I  waited while other people who were just renewing inched slowly forward.  I got the Subaru’s insurance information faxed over, because the Sentra’s isn’t good enough,  same policy # but not with the Subaru on it.  Okay I get Sean to fax that information over.  However,  when I finally reach the lady at the desk at 2:20 pm,  I’m informed that because my husband didn’t have me put on the title information, I can’t buy his plates.  No matter what.  Never mind that everything else is in both of our names.  We have current registrations on two other cars, the initial purchase of the plates must be made by him. Only exception, if I have his power of attorney… and this was relayed in a very snide tone.   She was speaking in the slow voice like I’m mentally impaired.  “Did you not check the website before coming over ma’am?”

Note to everyone and anyone… I LOATHE being called ma’am.  And it was said with just the right bit of snideness.   I know what a temptation it is to speak this way… I do.  I work with criminals for crying out loud.  And I don’t speak to them like this.  Ever. No matter how much I want to.

So I’ve had it.  I’m tired, cranky, overloaded by too much volleyball practices, & tournaments, too much laundry and just everything all at once.  I sweetly reply.  No,  I didn’t check the website OBVIOUSLY  or  I wouldn’t be here.   She then does a slight roll of the eyes,  (nothing like my sister can do,) and speaks slowly again in that tone…. “well, MA’am,  there is NOTHING I can do for you.”   I looked at her, saying ” thankyouverymuch and can I have your supervisor’s name please?” with the right amount of sweetness and the firmness that I can pull up when dealing with difficult people.

I admit by the time I got to the supervisor. I was at my limit.  And quite frankly not up to being patronized or being argued with.   I also don’t like it when people I don’t know, call me by my first name.  Call me old fashioned, but a title and a last name show far more respect than mispronouncing my name… Elissa?  No. Jan the supervisor, never apologized.  She also brought up the website.  My retort was “Jan,  what if I don’t have access to a computer?”  There was a silence.  Now I love my computer.  I do. However,  I don’t refer to it every blasted time that I step foot in a government office.  It wasn’t even the fact that the car needed to be in my name… it was the sheer lack of regard that the staff had for everyone.  and I told her that.  I got the excuse that everyone was feeling a little overworked that day.  If they had actually had all stations open, I might have bought that. HOWEVER,  I could see for a half hour, five of them standing around the xerox machine.   There were four people manning the stations.  There were three closed stations.   So I wasn’t pleasant to Jan.  I told her that I did expect more than a pat response.  I also informed her that I didn’t appreciate her lack of response either. I pointed out if I had gotten, I’m sorry that you had a long wait, but it’s a state law.  I wish I could help you… anything along that vein, I wouldn’t have minded. But no,  I got the excuse that they were overworked, and I should check the computer because the state has too many regulations.   Never mind that they  have a handy dandy computerized strip that gives out all sorts of handy information, such as the fax number, maybe even including the tid-bit that both spouses names need to be on the title… surely that little tid-bit could have been included?  It seems to me that it’s a pretty big detail.  Really.  And it would have save me the hour and half that I stood in line smelling vomit.

Driving back from Greeley,  my mother called me with the news that my Nana has fallen.  She is currently at the ER with her.  My mom has just spent the weekend with my other grandparents visiting and is now waiting at the ER with my grandma and my other sister.  The result,  she now has a broken hip and is having surgery tomorrow.  Evidently my grandmother, who has been repeatedly cautioned to not use the front door, she can go through the garage instead,  there’s too many steps to get the paper,  fell getting the paper this am. . She of course, is now upset because a broken hip means rehab.  And she HATES Rehab. Last time she was cranky and mean the entire time she was there.

I get home, race around trying to clean and sort laundry for the short bit of the afternoon still left.  Katy gets home, immediately  is studying and has a band concert,   Which we need to stay for the entire thing.  Truthfully,  I enjoyed the band portion,  both the regular and jazz,  but the orchestra.  <winces>  There were a couple moments that it was good… but overall,  I just don’t enjoy beginning violins & violas.  We get home around 8:00 pm.

Connor calls around 8:30 pm.  He’s upset because his plans for a roommate have fallen through again.  So he seems to want a solution about this, RIGHT NOW.  I bring up the room mate finder that Sean used twice in college and worked out just fine.  Connor is now also speaking to me in that slow patient tone… ARRRGH. Basically, Connor wants to room with a particular person, and Sean and I have said NO, Hell No… it’s not gonna happen.  So he’s cranky… I’m cranky… and I do the cowardly thing… and sic his father on him.

Evidently I’m stupid and  I don’t know it.  I would like Tuesday to begin again please.  (heaving huge sigh)   I think I still have a Mike’s Hard Lemonade somewhere in the basement fridge.  Either that or some chocolate!


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