but Joy comes in the morning…

I’m sorry about the excessively long rant two days ago…

My blog was intended as a way for me to stay in touch better with the family. I’m thinking that they were way too in touch with my feelings.  Sorry guys!  What I have discovered though, is my blog has become a really good outlet for me.  I am able to look back at things  with a little more perspective.  Tuesday isn’t there quite yet.

So… have had one of my moments… that just make smile, and when days like Tuesday happen,  I have it to remember.  Last night after work,  I ran to the hospital to see Nana.  Her surgery went well, and she will be going to rehab on Saturday.  She was pretty lucid when I was there.  She is not getting a lot of pain medication due to the overmedicating of last year.

My aunt’s phone started ringing… and it sounded like a fire alarm.  So my sister who really can’t tolerate noises like that,  offered or rather demanded albeit politely to change her ring tone.  So Allison is demonstrating all the different songs.  My mother, aunt and sister have now been up since 5 am this am, late night before, and they are getting loopy… and now we are dancing to all the rings of the phone.  I had no idea that my mother could do the sprinkler!  My grandmother is staring at us like she has no idea who we are.

At one point a very similar to the ‘TEQUILA’ song… and I, of course have to say TEQUILA.   To which my aunt replies, “WHERE?”  and then we all just crack up.  They can drive me crazier than anyone.  I know their quirks and they know mine.  I look forward to time I spend with them.  They can make me cry or laugh and know me better than most anyone.   As I was driving to pick up my daughter and her buddy from volleyball,  I can’t help the big smile across my face…

We all begin and end with family… anonymous So true, and I am so blessed to have my family within a reach of a hug.


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