Top 10 things on my mind this Friday

Top 10 Things on my mind this Friday…

1.   Student council mentor day is today, Volleyball Casino Fundraiser is tonight, work Saturday and tomorrow night is dinner out with Connor, (more later),  Sunday is a volleyball tournament.  I think I am tired just thinking about it! Monday I get to collapse.  Actually on Monday & Tuesday,  I need desperately to spring clean.  My house is driving me crazy.

 2. So for Lent,  I am giving up clutter.  I’m a pack rat.  I save too much. I know I do.  Sean, the other night, about passed out because I threw away Tupperware that we have no lid for and was getting yucky around the lid area.  He and I are usually at odds about what to throw out or give away.  So when I was doing my inner examination,  I realized that I do need to simplify.  In some things,  I have too much.     So my goal,  40 days of Lent,  40 bags either give away or trash.  I have 37 bags to go.  (sigh)  However, I figure the bathrooms, both Katy’s and ours are good for at least two bags. 

 3.  I’m having elbow surgery in April.  Official diagnoses – tennis elbow.  But any repetitious movement can cause this issue.  Cortisone shots only hurt like heck, no noticeable improvement whatsoever.  The biggest issue is that I’m having difficulty doing certain things at home… lifting dishes, sweeping, vacuuming… all my favorite chores. (eyeroll)   However, the house needs them done. Regularly. On Tuesday, sweeping the kitchen floor, I about passed out from the pain. According to the doctor though, it’s a pretty simple surgery, no overnight stay or anything. I’ll be in a splint for 2 and 1/2 weeks.  Then I get physical therapy.  Woop! I figure for this week’s cleaning spree, I will take a lot of Advil before and after.

 4. I’m finding it just a bit ironic that I’m going to Reno in April for Katy’s volleyball tourney. I can  safely say with no doubt whatsoever, that Reno has never been on my list of places I wanted to visit.  I am, however, staying at the Atlantis resort.  Note: I don’t gamble. However it looks like they have a really good NY style deli  –  matzo ball soup anyone?, and a sushi restaurant.  Probably won’t be dieting with this trip!

 5. So Saturday night, we are having dinner with Connor and his new girlfriend, Alissa.  Judging from her Facebook page, she looks like a nice girl.  He’s met both of her parents, as they have been out skiing in Colorado.  She is from Chicago.  According to Connor, her family was amused because he uses “sir” and “ma’am”.  Evidently she has asked to meet us, prompting me to worry that they are serious.  It’s only been 3 months.  Anyways, she’s nervous about meeting us.  Us?  We’re so not scary. Nervous though.. a bit.  

 6. I’m seriously saddened in a way.  I found an ad for a job that I would love. Absolutely love. I haven’t even applied for it.  It would require relocation.  A lot of relocation.  The job is in Portland Maine.  There’s no way I could move Sean from a sunny climate to a cloudy one. Do they even have volleyball in Maine?  It would be working with Library Thing which is an on-line private & public library resource system.  It’s great.  The job description just sounds like me… sigh.  Someday, I am going to find out what I’m going to be when I grow up.

 7. Katy is seriously changing right before my eyes.  Her body is stretching out and she is continuing to lose weight.  So proud of her.  She is competing in discus and shot put in track.  She’s a little miffed that she has to run with everyone, but she’s doing good.  Her first meet was Wednesday, and she got a score of 51.1 for the discus.  The shot put wasn’t as good.  She with the rest of the student council, gets to shadow someone in Windsor.  Katy is shadowing Mr. Drase, the band director at the high school.  Music Teacher is something that she throws out there along with doctor or respiratory therapist.  CSAPS are finally over, and the teachers gleefully sent out more homework. 

 8.  So the Volleyball Casino night will be over tonight.  Then I continue fundraising for Santa Cops golf tournament.  I think I like hearing people say “NO” in so many ways. 

 9. Sean is going to Tucson for some golf and to spend time with his Dad.  He needs a break. He leaves Sunday.  I’m hoping he will find his smile down in Arizona and bring it back with him. He has a lot going on with work, baseball and all the usual fun stuff. His allergies have been going full on for the last two months. Hopefully the dry AZ air will kill them all.

 10.  Taxes are coming up, and when they are done, they will tell us that we have more money than we should.  And then they will take it from us. (sigh)  Then I get the privilege of  working with Connor on his financial aid paperwork. (even bigger sigh).   Do you remember the episode of Friends, when Rachel gets her first paycheck, and asks “Who is FICA and why are they getting all my money?”  Yup.  That’s how I’m feeling


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