Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Mama said there’d be days like this…

I’m so glad that March is ending.

It really hasn’t been a good month.  In fact, it’s been down right stressful.  (sigh)

I’m not liking stress in my life.  I like my quiet well ordered life, well, which I’m still waiting for it to get to be quiet and well ordered.   Maybe when I’m retired?

Last night though, it hit me like a ton of bricks… all the things that had not gone ‘right‘ in my mind this month.  A broken window in the car, no internet, disappointments, my grandma with a broken hip, a son who still doesn’t know quite where he’s living next fall, new tires for the car,  a daughter who has lost her self confidence,  taxes,  an elbow that continually throbs right now and the usual ‘happy’ clients that I deal with on a day in/ day out basis.  So I was stewing over everything and nothing.

And then it occurred to me, that this is life. Because let’s face it,  Life is messy, and not always right. There is always a bit of joy in the face of despair.  It’s hearing a owl hooting away in the night, and making you smile.  It’s watching your child hit that volleyball shot that she’s been practicing forever, and making it.  It’s waking up in the morning and smelling spring in the air, after a long stale winter. It’s having your son call just to say “hi“… and it is the bear hug that your husband gives you despite the fact that it has not been the best month to live with me.  It’s the jokes that you can share with your friends.  It’s being able to call your sister and just talk about everything and nothing.  It’s hearing your parent’s best friends in the background of a movie on Facebook and immediately being transported back to your childhood.

Life is not supposed to be rainbows, gold and happiness all the time… it just isn’t.   But those moments that God graciously gives us, spurs us on, and he carries us through those times.  Even when we doubt that He’s in control.  He renews his promises to us daily, and sometimes, I just need to remember that there are days like this, months like this,  and I don’t have to fret and stew over it, because it’s going to be okay.  And tomorrow starts a new month.