top 10 things on my mind

1.  I’m out of the cast and typing normally now, thank goodness.  Being incapacitated for two weeks was enough for me.  I’m a horrible patient, and I get easily frustrated when I can’t do things that I normally do. Pain medication is not my friend either.   Having my hubby wash my hair for me was a very humbling experience. 🙂   My arm is greeny-yellow with purpling bruises up and down my forearm.  I have been faithfully doing my exercises three times a day, and my arm is almost to the point where I can straighten it out totally. Being able scratch the places that were so itchy for the past two weeks was utter bliss…. 

2.  Got my hair cut on the same day that I got the cast off.   My hair had been driving me crazy for the past month, but time etc. was not the best for me to get a hair cut. I have found a new hair dresser that happily is in Windsor.  My old hairdresser who i loved.. opened her own shop in Loveland.  I need the convenience of a local hairdresser.  So now with a new hair cut, I am learning how to use the flat iron… it’s gonna take a while.  Of course it took me forever to get comfortable with the curling iron too. 🙂
3. I am so ready for spring.  I know my cousins are shaking their heads at me, as they still have snow on the ground, but I’m so tired of brown.  I want green. Never mind that I don’t think my arm is quite ready for weed pulling and cleaning out the flower beds right now.  
4.  Connor moves home in a week.  On one hand, I’m thrilled to see him on a more frequent basis, but not looking forward to he and his sister clashing over the bathroom, the television, the kitchen…who gets the bigger couch… you get the picture.  I also know from my own experience, that it’s hard to move home again.  And sadly, I’m the mom who has to work, and, no I really can’t sleep until everyone is home. Translation:  yes there will be a curfew and it needs to be reasonable. I have to work in the morning and can’t sleep in like you.  I don’t want to wake in a panic at 2 am because you aren’t home yet.  And I will.  
5.  I’m also trying to come up with solutions to keep my darling daughter busy and active during the summer.  She’s the type unless she has a schedule to follow, she will lounge around all day and read.  It does sound nice though doesn’t it?  I want her to get exercise this summer and stay busy.  A happy Katy is a busy & engaged Katy.  So, on the list of things to do:  Summer Band ( in Severance really?!  She could bike to the middle school, but she’s not allowed to bike on the highway..) a math class,  two volleyball camps, and I am trying to find a ‘reasonable’ personal trainer to work on footwork & strengthening exercises for her.  I also hope that the library has some good teen programs this summer.  
6. My project for Lent kind of got derailed.  Between the traveling to Reno and my surgery, I lost a couple of weeks.  My goal was 40 bags in 40 days.  Hmph.  Sounds much easier than said than done.  I did work my way through Katy’s room, the two bathrooms <shuddering> (still scarred for life after that experience) , my kitchen cupboards except the pantry, my bedroom, linen closet, family room and Connor’s room.  Final tally –  four bags of things to donate,  16 bags of trash.  I know… 16 bags sheesh… and I was holding on to stuff why?   Yeah,  I don’t know either.  I still didn’t get to the garage which makes me wince just typing about it,  the kitchen pantry or my craft room.  I’m trying to figure out who I can bribe with lunch & books to help me purge and organize the craft room.  
7.  Katy’s volleyball season is over.  It becomes so much a part of your life, it’s a weird feeling when it’s over.  It’s roughly 16 hrs a week when it’s a tournament week,  and six hours otherwise, 24 hrs a month, 168 hrs for the season. That’s just the practice hours, not incorporating the tournaments, the shopping and prep for the tourneys etc.  Practices began in November, and they end in May.  Her team won a power tournament, won the bronze championship at the Far West Regionals, and was ranked 5th overall in the state in their age bracket for division I.   Katy learned so much, and has become a much better player.  This comes from her mother who still cringes when a ball comes her way.  
8.  We’re in the middle of baseball.  Sean is sporting a lovely baseball shaped bruise on his bicep courtesy of a catcher who missed a foul tip.  I’ll be thrilled when high school baseball ends and I get my husband back for dinners on Tues & Thursdays.  Three more big tournaments in May… and then we slow down again.  Deep breath….
9. I’m so ready for the warm weather, I have been fantasizing about food on the grill… pulled chicken, steaks, fish… I’ve definitely got spring fever.  Ready for the farmer’s markets with fresh veggies that don’t look depressed and wilted. Ready to entertain, have people over who we haven’t seen in ages, summertime is supposed to be slower right?
10. Reading the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother… lots of food for thought, and I don’t dislike the mother like I  thought  I would, based on all the previous reports.  Granted if my daughter ever starts gnawing on her volleyball, books, or clarinet I will definitely be looking at some things, but I like her.  Also in the reading line up:  Foxy Roxy by Nancy Martin (a definite vacation read),  Town in a Blueberry Jam and Town in a Lobster Stew by B.B. Haywood, (cozy murder mysteries)  and the United States of Arugula, who i can’t remember who wrote it to save my life.    
So that’s what is on my mind… I kinda jump around huh?  

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