Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

Why I don’t like the NBA…

I haven’t been in a writing mood for a couple of months… have had some major writer’s block..and now of course, I don’t.  I’m not a big basketball fan to begin with, but  I will enjoy college ball far more than pro basketball any time.   So here’s my opinion on the NBA…  would they just finish the dang season already? Please.

I’m tired of hearing about Lebron James and Dwayne Wade spout their excuses when they lose, and their gloating when they win.  I am tired of the coaches giving the rah rah speeches.  But most of all,  I’m tired of Lebron James.  He annoys me. His commercials irritate me. Everytime he opens his mouth, he bothers me.  I was less than impressed with how he left Cleveland, and everytime that ESPN is on in my house, (which is frequently thanks to Sean and Connor) he is on there.  I don’t care if he is the next big star, that he will be ‘bigger’ than Michael Jordan.

In fact,  I don’t think he will.  He epitomizes all the things that people don’t like about the pro sport stars, whether it’s making fun of an opponent because they received kudos for playing ill,  upping the ante for his paycheck, leaving a town that he ‘promised’ to make proud of their team,  and joining Miami specifically for a championship.  He makes no bones about his goals, but he seems to forget that basketball is a team sport.  Whether he, Dwayne Wade and the someone or other  Bosch, win the NBA championship this year,  he won’t be as good as Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan did go to play for Chicago.  It wasn’t a basketball town…sure they had a team, but it wasn’t a team that everyone followed. It became a team that people followed. He, by no means, has been a perfect person either.  Gambling, a divorce, but never the ego that was publicized.  He did leave basketball for a season of minor league baseball, but he was fulfilling a dream.   And while people envied him for that, they didn’t resent it. I don’t remember him talking about what HE wanted,  or leaving a team and a town with so much publicity in order to win a championship, or just coming across as such an egotist.  He had the respect of the other ball players, and when they speak of him, even today, they do it with a smile on their face.

So to me, it doesn’t matter who wins the NBA championship this year… I want it over.  I want to not see Lebron James and his interviews for a couple of months.  And even if he does eventually win six NBA titles,  he won’t be as good as Michael Jordan.  He just doesn’t have the class.

Thankfully this season is almost over.  I think they have two more games… and for once, I’m rooting for Dallas.